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Midi's Horror Reviews: Hate Little Rabbit

Hate Little Rabbit comes from White Raven Films and the minds of Bazz Hancher and Michael Walcott (from the story A Killer in the Family: The Joseph Holt Story by Bazz Hancher and Pauline Winks).

Synopsis - "After the death of her adoptive parents, Lacy tries to build a relationship with her natural mother Samantha. Samantha's mental health creates barriers in the two forming a bond and when she’s Kidnapped, Lacy desperately tries to find her. Who can she trust?"

I loved the opening narration and the simple shot of someone holding a hammer, waiting.

It was a very effective and well-conceived beginning, considering seconds later it's a blinding cock shot (I will say though startling, that scene is very valid to the films plot)!

I loved the scenes outdoors and seeing many wonderful (and actually familiar) places, each camera shot providing the beauty of the places they inhabit as well as angular and impressive sights of the actors in each scene.

Effects wise, on this shoestring budget (£3000) I must give applause. The kills were all impressively executed, the blood not too over the top and I had one or two DAMN! moments whilst watching the film (I won't go into them though, as i do not want to spoil it for anyone who will be viewing this film in the near future).

The killer is both mental and voyeuristic at times, plummeting his hammer into a victim and still taking time to capture their demise on his camera.

Making the big reveal fantastic!

Character wise I liked Chloe Yarranton as our lead Lacy, she was believable and likeable on screen and put in a great effort.

Coralie Hudson played her mum Samantha. There were times I felt her characters mental health really made her seem quite self-absorbed and unlikable - for me Coralie did a bloody good job as an actress.

Yet it was David Fenn who shone for me. As Detective Martelli, we question so much about his character and yet feel an odd need to still trust him. He really did give his all to this role and it shows!

All in all, a great independent film and well worth a watch.

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