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Twisted Minds: Hate Little Rabbit

Hate Little Rabbit Review 2021 Bazz Hancher White Raven Films, U.K.

Bazz Hancher is an indie filmmaker from the U.K. and if you've never heard of him it's ok. Now you have the opportunity to discover his films and projects and redeem yourself. Hancher is a stand up guy, all around nice fella to deal with. His films however are not so nice and expose the darker, grimy and disgusting side of humanity.

I've watched a lot of his work and its impressive. A no holds barred passion for independent exploitation/horror cinema usually highly controversial, some tasteless and always scathingly accurate and lined with dark humor. Hate Little Rabbit is a fitting notch in the U.K. filmmakers belt and a departure from his efforts in the past.

Hanchers work includes The Kidderminster Killer, Leon's Broken Mind, Blast From The Past, White Goods and more, I even remember a pseudo documentary he did about people eating human babies as a delicacy in particular countries.

Hate Little Rabbit is Hanchers take on a story driven giallo throwback. We get the black gloved killer, the brutal mysterious kills, the whodunnit element and the themed music. It's all here and delivered in an entertaining fashion.

The intro to the film is quite disturbing, an overweight, black masked bdsm nude and uncut madman lurching his way into a young girls room as her screams permeate through the air and the title credits role.

The plot has a girl named Lacey whose adoptive parents have died. She feels regret and tries to establish a relationship with her estranged biological mother (who obviously appears to have a grudge and be very unstable). Her mother talks of Lacey's uncle and his psychotic tendencies. Meanwhile a bunch of brutal murders are happening at the hands of a black masked/gloved killer.

Soon, Lacey's mother is kidnapped. Lacey is then approached by an obsessed detective who is familiar with her families dark past and vows to help Lacey find her mother. Lots of murders and wacky characters later everything leads to an unspiralling conclusion.

Hancher has succeeded in his British giallo with hitting lots of the right notes here. Plenty of unsavory characters in this one too. Lots of gory deaths and practical effects throughout and even a node to Fulci. Its definitely story oriented and goes for more of a mystery to unravelling the killer. I believe he's done well here and paid homage to the material very well.

Check out White Raven Films online to purchase films in their catalog including Hate Little Rabbit. Support indie cinema as it's a dying art and those that do it are making it out of passion for the craft.

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