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Actor required

White Raven Films is looking for an actor to play the lead role in their upcoming film, Axel Falcon.

The character you'd be playing is named Axel and they are in their late forties or early fifties.

You would need to be available on Sundays for the shoot.

The role is unpaid. However, we will pay for travel expenses and provide refreshments during the day. We can also put you up overnight if you are travelling a long way.

We are an independent film company which is committed to looking after those who are involved in our productions. As we are based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. this project would suit someone in close proximity.

If you are interested, please send details to

Brief Synopsis

The incorruptible police officer, Axel Falcon, battles to take down the evil Davro from controlling the city while fighting otherworldly beings. It is an over-the-top action movie which is a cross between Clockwork Orange and Turbo Kid.

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