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  • Bazz Hancher

Artistic Director

As artistic director at White Raven Films my job is to put a vision and pictures to a story or idea that we have come up with, this will then go into script form. In the case of White Goods the screen play has been written by our good friend Richard Robotham, which is a first for me to direct someone else script. I’m responsible for casting the actors to play the characters which I can see them playing in my mind, as well as organising the locations which I think will fit around my vision. For me I think the pictures you see on screen are extremely important which includes the special effects, I insist that any effects that are done on the film are to match the idea I envisage in my head as this in my opinion determines the pace of the film. When it comes to editing the film, well that’s all in my head to the annoyance of Michael, however once we have sat down and I have made a rough cut he can see where I was coming from and he will then tighten up the sound and we will both polish the final production ready for release. I’m not sure what other film director’s views are on this style of directing but I am extremely precious about the artistic side of the film, I tend to be a bit of a control freak even down to the score of the film which I have had in mind before the film even became a concept. I use a music track that I like for inspiration and use that as my guide which helps me put pictures in my head, I will then go on to talk to musicians about scoring the film in a similar vain to the guide track or completely different but must have the same meaning in my head, weird or what. My personal opinion is to stick with your vision but don’t be afraid to take criticism or input from actors, the DOP, technical directors and fx guys as they have an insight into what you are trying to achieve by working with you, which makes their goal the same as yours and that’s to create a great film.

Bazz Hancher


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