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Playing Tiffany

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

When i was asked to play the part of Tiffany (a hard of hearing wife) I was so excited and accepted straight away.

Personally I studied drama in high school and always loved getting stuck in to the plays we did etc. Since then I haven't really done any performing, so couldn't wait to work with Bazz and his talented team, and get straight back into the habit. Acting has always been a big love of mine.

Getting on to set was so exciting, I had previously met some of the cast. However, i wasn't expecting to meet such a fantastic, extravagant bunch of people.

After Hannah had finished putting my make up on and making me look so lovely, James Taylor and I shot our scenes quite early on in the day. After doing many shots of dialogue, facial expressions, and hand movements we were pleased with the work we had done and the results we got. At this point I must say a massive well done to James for acting out his monologue SO well and remembering all of his lines.

However, after filming our main scenes James then helped me to have a wardrobe malfunction!! He spilt diet coke all over my white sleeve. A soaked arm later and 10 minutes of hairdrying my arm...... We were ok. Saying that i have to say how much of a laugh filming was. I can't wait to start shooting our death scenes now.

The set for the seance scene is amazing, and when all of the cast were around the table filming, the atmosphere I felt was brilliant. Everyone really looked the part and had put a lot of thought in to their characters. In all honesty I found it so hard all day not to stare at James Underwood dressed as a woman, due to him being so convincing. He does know i was looking at him most off the day due to this... I had to tell him otherwise he might of thought I had a problem 😄

Finally i would like to say a huge Thank You to all of the team and cast for making me feel so welcome (as I know a lot of you have worked together before). It has been truly great and a pleasure working with you all. With many more great times to come yet I hope.

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