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  • James Taylor

Shooting With Bazz

I'm JT, I'm kind of an actor. After making my film debut in Tom Lee Rutter's (as yet unreleased) feature Stranger, I've had a few more experiences of working on local film sets, both as an actor and also as a still photographer (as that's my day job). And while I can put my hand on my heart and say how much I enjoyed those early lessons in cinematography, I truly did, I didn't laugh anywhere near as much as I did on the set of the White Goods movie! What a fantastic bunch of nutters to be ensconced in a lovely little cottage with! Mr H, along with his crew of technical staff are very efficient and you can tell straight away how comfortable he, Mike and Aaron are together. I admit to maybe being a tad nervous in the morning before the shoot, in fact I was bricking it. Less than 5 minutes on set and I was as relaxed as a hippy in Amsterdam. The talent on show in this movie is also there to see. Some amazing performances were put in and the characters involved are going to jump off the screen at you. Personally, I think my performance as an Alan Bennett-esqe madman went quite well, very glad I'd taken the time to learn my lines throughly, and given my past memory troubles when it comes to retaining dialogue, I was very happy not to let Bazz down. Vicki Clark, my on-screen wife, was great, as were all of the performers on the day. A pleasure to work with Tom Rutter, James Underwood, Baron Mynd and of course the highly talented Lee Jones. Now I can't wait to die! Thanks again Bazz for involving such a newb. Lubs you all. JT

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