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  • Michael Walcott

Technical Director

As technical director at White Raven Films, my job is to ensure that everything 'works' on a technical level.

At the beginning of a project, I will need to evaluate and specify any technical requirements that is needed. Sometimes this may mean having to test equipment on location for suitability. I will also need to make decisions on what requirements will be needed for cameras, microphones, software, archiving and so on.

Before each day’s shoot, I will need to test every piece of equipment, ensuring that all batteries are fully charged. I will also produce a full inventory list of equipment used for the day. When possible, I will also make contingency plans should a piece of equipment fail or not work as expected.

On conclusion of a day’s shoot, I will transfer the footage to a storage array, before transcoding and (if necessary) syncing to externally recorded audio. Since Bazz (artistic director) and I usually edit collaboratively, I will also make a second copy of the day’s footage on another media drive.

In future blogs I will discuss in detail our workflow and equipment used.

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